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Hickman County, TN- Wrigley Plant Fire

December 19, 2013

HICKMAN COUNTY RESIDENTS, who’ve been evacuated:
Heard back from Humane Society of The United States: got the message to the IC (Incident Command) about the pets that were not evacuated (due to folks being at work and not allowed home)-they’re going to see if/what they can do. The issue isn’t the air quality apparently, but rather the concern about the propane tanks exploding. HSUS is also asking they (Emergency Management) give out contact phone number that people can call if they have animals left behind.

Please Keep an eye on the local news. EMA will most likely post info there or through Red Cross. You may also want to register with Red Cross & the Shelter in Centerville, so they can reach you if there are changes or someone can bring you your dogs/needs a key to get them. Remember, the news only comes on at certain times of the day, so registering with the appropriate agencies will increase your chances of being contacted about your pet. Livestock folks… This applies to you too.