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Thinking ahead and getting money

February 11, 2014

While the Eastern half of the country prepares for another round of winter (and we note that the Nashville area, yet again, gets a cold blast, but still has NO SNOW… just bare brown ground- grrrr), WE can be working on emergency/disaster preparedness.

Honestly, I’m not a doomsday prepper. I’ve just been through, or watched friends and family go through, enough disasters to realize the benefits of preparation.

There are courses on emergency prep through Coursera (Disaster Preparation, through the University of Pittsburgh:

More information through FEMA:

Independent study courses through FEMA:

More and specialized courses through your local/state Emergency Management Agency – for example, how to read a map/GPS; basics of Search & Rescue; information on how to join or put together a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) or a Community Animal Response Team (CART).

One of my favorites, and this should be REQUIRED for ALL emergency personnel: Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue ( or their facebook page:

Some states, like Ohio have new regulations:

And there are new grants available:

ASPCA has a small bridge loan for emergency program-related expenses of $50,000-$250,000:

ASPCA also has an Emergency and Disaster Response Grant of up to $50,000:

So while most are pouring over seed catalogs, I’ll be working on updating my information, making sure my equipment is clean and working (or consider investing in new equipment), seeing where I can help my local EMA.

Oh… and I’m looking at seed catalogs too 🙂