Heroic Oklahoma First Responders- By Michele De Vinney Schmoll, of Horse Evacuations East

Tornadoes are a horrible thing to go through, as a human… and for animals it can be even more frightening ~ Many animals were lost in the terrible EF-5 tornado that devastated rural Oklahoma, an area where horses and livestock were very common. The story, that Michele has written here, reminds me of the first few days after our EF-3 tornado in 2008, except that the Oklahoma situation was much, MUCH, worse.
Please, if you are involved with livestock, with horses, with animals in general, get involved with a some sort of legitimate animal first response team. TLAER (http://www.tlaer.org/) is a good place to get training ~ Horse Evacuations East is a great Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/HorseEvacuationsEast), and United States Equine Rescue League, another one of Michele’s organizations, is another great organization to get involved with (http://www.userl.org/). Here’s Michele’s story (note, to go on, click on the part II and then part III at the bottoms of the pages): http://www.nickernews.net/ok-first-responders.aspx#.Ud8OkFOGF5i


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