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Short stuff

May 29, 2008

A lot has been going on here- everything from grants becoming available, to used telephone poles being held for tornado victims to loggers, loggers everywhere. Everywhere except here. Seems the loggers I had originally signed up decided, with the cost of fuel and the back log of people waiting on them, that they couldn’t handle my 7 acres of downed trees. And now all the other loggers are so jammed packed with work they can’t get to me. Ho hum… Things will work out.

On the critter front, Rollo & Bud have started gaining weight. That’s a nice feeling as I was getting worried with how skinny they were. The vet did look at them and agreed that they were both stressed out- still- and it would just take patience and time to get the weight on them. I had tried giving them alfalfa cubes, but I really think Bud is allergic to alfalfa… When he eats it he really starts itching and scratching and breaking out. Counter productive to trying to fatten him up. But the grass has come in and he’s now on it with Rollo- they seem to get along just fine. Two old men just living it up!

Scottie found a beautiful place in Jamestown TN, up near the Big South Fork National Park. It’s a perfect place for her- although it’s a million miles from a lemon! Peppy (bless her) and I loaded up Scottie’s 5 horses in our two trailers, and took them up there last Tuesday. Or was it a week ago? Time flies! It was an incredibly long, long drive and my poor tow vehicle wasn’t too thrilled about hauling those enormous half drafts up the Cumberland Plateau. I do so need a diesel truck. and I so can’t afford it. Anyway, we got the horse up there, along with the rest of Scottie’s stuff that Peppy & Rick had so kindly packed in her and my trailers the day before. Scottie is now thrilled and Peppy is glad her horses are there.

Other than that, it’s been quiet- ok not quiet as I’ve been dealing with end of school stuff for both kids, and Mere is getting ready for a schooling cross country event. Her first. I have no idea how we’re going to get, then KEEP, Thomas clean. I think I’m going to have to invest in some sleezy sleepwear for the boy. He’ll look like SUPERMAN! Poor pony puts up with so much. He’s just a blessing. And so patient with me & Meredith.

We’ve had lots of rain… a good thing as we’re now no longer in drought conditions here (altho the ground is still suspect). I’m hoping we’re going to have a wet summer. This area could really use it. Just no more tornadoes!