The sounds of chain saws

It’s ironic… last summer I complained long and hard because a neighbor was having his land timbered. Starting in April (I think), the chain saws and heavy machinery would start their engines at 6:00 am and as it was just down the hill, it was loud. I shuddered every time a tree fell (for that matter, the earth shuddered).

Well, during the tornadoes, this neighbor had very little tree damage. Your’s truly with her high and mighty tree hugging ideals had a LOT of tree damage. And now the chain saws are back. 6:00 am. buzzing away for most of the day.

The country is not a quiet place- at least not anymore. Between chain saws and tractors and 4 wheelers the sounds of machines are everywhere. Then there is the sound of nature. Nature is NOISY. The birds start before the sun comes up, wind whips thru the trees, horses neigh, roosters crow… Back in the day, when we had peafowl, we were the scourge of the neighborhood, as my peacock would “cry” at odd times throughout the day, starting early. A peacock’s cry sounds like a woman screaming. It’s eerie!

At night, the noises continue- birds give their final squawks, wind in the trees, owls hooting or fighting, then the coyotes start howling. During calving season we really keep an ear out for the coyotes- they know when a cow is down, and at her most vulnerable.

Summer nights, add to the noise, the cacophony of crickets and frogs. I often don’t sleep well in summer from all that noise. Plus the air is thick. Faulkner always found a way to make a southern summer sound sultry and sexy (a little alliteration anyone?)- for me, it’s oppressive- especially when you add to the heat and noise the smells. The heavy perfume of a Magnolia- the smell is thick like syrup.

Ahhh… but summer is not near, yet. In fact, winter has not gone, yet. Friday we got snow- lots and lots of snow- by Saturday morning, there was over 4 inches on the ground. Kids got breakfast and then dug out their ski pants, jackets and gloves- raced to the garage and found their sleds and whooped it up all morning. I grabbed the camera and explored the beauty- deep long shadows in the snow- heavy wet snow on branches, jonquils peaking up thru the snow, creeks coming to life as the snow melted. And my horses- they were so happy- we played and played and played- even as it slowly turned to mud and muck.

All in all, we needed that- a complete release from the emotional impact of the tornadoes. Maybe, now that I’m a bit refreshed, I can start to refocus on helping those who need it. And stop focusing on how our government is denying claims left and right, and not helping anyone. It is sad to think that the government we all pay our taxes to, the government who is supposed to be kind and generous to people in need- and seems to help those in other countries- ignores it’s own. The heart is gone from this country- although I have to admit, the people on a local level are incredible.

And so it goes. FEMA seems to be a dismal failure, insurance companies (with a few exceptions) are a joke (or worse, corrupt)… It’s not like the people who are asking for help are expecting to have their lives converted or life long handouts. For the most part, these are hard working, honest people. They just want the system to work. The insurance they paid for to pay them when there is a problem, the government they voted for/they paid taxes to, to help instead of saying “oh you had insurance so we don’t help you”- but what the hey- the insurance isn’t paying- these people are getting screwed by everyone.

It’s amazing to read, or even be told by FEMA, that the only way we’re going to get help is through the Faith Based and Volunteer Community Groups. If this is the case, why did FEMA even appear? Photo ops? Feel good press? Well, all it did was tick off the people who needed the help and didn’t get it.

And why the press isn’t picking up on this really stymies me. As one friend says, if you really want to see what’s going on in the US, read the European or New Zealand Newspapers. Hmmm….

End of rant! (at least for today)


One Response to “The sounds of chain saws”

  1. Erin Ryder Says:

    Hey Vivi-

    Saw your earlier note about a large animal rescue class–the folks at Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue do courses at KHP in August each year. They also have some scheduled at EKU earlier in the year. To see their full schedule go to Here’s a summary of a course to give you an idea of what all it entails: I audited a bit last year and it was a GREAT course–highly recommended! Hope this helps! Keep in touch!

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