A little levity and a little karma

This is the conversation I just had with The Horse:

Dear All,

For over 3 weeks, I have been working hard in Williamson County, TN trying to find support and funding for farms and animals effected by the tornadoes that ripped through here on Feb. 5 & 6 (please see Article # 11360). There has been little laughter and a lot of tears.

So, I cannot begin to tell you just how much I appreciated reading the article “What’s New in Horse Trailers” when my new issue of The Horse came in the mail today. Especially after the tornadoes, I have begun to realize that my 16 foot custom stock trailer isn’t enough. I really need a gooseneck, and a truck to go with it. And so, I read your article with great interest. I was fascinated to read that “steel is easier to repair; holds its shape under duress (tinsel strength)…” Tinsel strength? And from there, I got the giggles. 3+ weeks of stress, trauma, frustration and exhaustion were erased with the thought of fancy show horses being carried around in sparkely Christmas decorations!

Thank you- I needed that laugh-

Vivi Miller

ps- the phrase you’re looking for is TENSILE STRENGTH of which one Wikipedia definition is:
The maximum stress a material can withstand.

And I received a WONDERFUL reply- just got to love the great folks at The Horse!

Hi Vivi

While we’re glad to give you a laugh, we deserve 50 lashes with wet tinsel left over from the holidays!

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll fix it in the archive.

Keep up the good work!


Kimberly S. Brown


The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care

PO Box 919003

Lexington, KY 40591-9003

Without humor, I’d be sunk! So, many thanks to all of you who keep me laughing and help me realize the wonderful things that have come from this tragedy- because even though this has been a horrible ordeal, there have been some incredible moments- I’ve met some incredible people- both on the internet and even my own neighbors that I didn’t know. There are blessings.

That said, yesterday I ran into one of the survivors. She has had a rough time as her mother sold the family house, and they had bought some brand new double wides to put on a really pretty piece of property they had. The double wides had just been delivered but not set up and the tornado destroyed them. Short version is that the mobile home manufacturer is claiming this woman and her mother owe them for the trailers, FEMA isn’t helping at all because they weren’t “displaced” (they had rented the family house until the end of February, but now have to move out) and as the trailers hadn’t been set up and weren’t able to be lived in, this lady hadn’t put insurance on them – anyway, it’s a mess. Her grandfather’s farm was destroyed in the tornado and she was concerned about the animals getting out. So I was trying to help her find fencing supplies and hay.

I received a phone call from a wonderful man, a farmer, who lives in this area, who had just finished replacing ALL his cattle fencing. And in doing so, had carefully rolled the old fencing up, stacked the posts, and had 2 unused rolls of barbed wire. So I called the lady and asked if she & her grandfather could use USED materials, and she said yes- so I put the nice farmer and this lady in touch with eachother.

Turns out, years and years ago, the lady’s stepfather had been extremely kind to this nice farmer after he had roof damage from a storm on some of his buildings. He had shown compassion and had reached out to help. This act of kindness wasn’t forgotten by the farmer, and that is why he reached out to help after the tornado, not realizing until the lady called him that she was the step-daughter of the very man who’d helped him years and years ago. I had no idea when I paired the farmer with the lady. But the story gave me goosebumps!

Yes, there is Karma. And it is good.



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