A day in the Mud, tornado relief continues

Hay… we’re getting creative out here in the stix!

First off, Big Hugs to Noreen for the two HUGE boxes of clothes for Tornado victims. I’m taking them up to the Tool Box tomorrow (The Tool Box is our local hardware store- almost never has the wrench or screwdriver you need, but they’re super people and opened up their back warehouse for donations for Tornado Victims). Noreen, I haven’t gone thru the boxes, but what I saw look barely worn! There will be some very happy, grateful people in Fairview- Thank you!

This morning, Scottie & Peppy showed up. Now this is important, because Peppy drove her 20+ foot gooseneck up my hill and lived to tell the story! Which means I can someday get a truck and a gooseneck 🙂

We loaded 2 of Scottie’s gals in Peppy’s 4 horse trailer, and two in my stock trailer, and off they all went to Peppy’s place, where there are 30 acre pastures, running creeks and grass (something I don’t have).

I’ll miss those old big gals-

But the wacked out QH’s are now extremely happy to have the Huge (in their minds) pasture for themselves to play, play, play. This is good because the 2 yr old filly, Belle, tried to kill Rolo this morning- had him pinned in corner and was just WAILING on him. I’ve put the ancient pony mare in their old paddock by the barn…

After taking the horses, I came home, grabbed my files on the tornado stuff and headed into Nashville to PetSmart. They made a donation, from their charitable arm called PetSmart Charities, to help the animals in this area, and I had to take my horse trailer to get it all- The donation was so big that the pallet it was on cracked and we almost didn’t get it on my trailer. After PetsMart, I met up with a Brownie Mom from Troop 1388 (a different troop than ours), and she gave me dog food, cat food, kitty litter, litter pans, scoops, bowls, etc. AND GirlScout Cookies (like I really need those, LOL). I raced back home, and started making the circles for donating. I took litter to Lisa who’s taking care of all the homeless animals on Coldwater. Then I got Meredith from school and went to deliver a kennel, dog house, dog bowls and food to Milo, the 3 legged Feist. You know- every rescue situation has a story- well.. Milo is our story- We first heard about Milo, who at that point was unnamed, a few days after the tornado. His Mama called panicked because her house had been picked up off the foundation and deposited 30 feet behind the foundation. And her dog was NO WHERE to be seen. She kept calling… We tried to organize a search & rescue when we heard rumor he’d been found… or not… then we found out he was a 3 legged dog… still not found, but spotted near another destroyed house- oh and he doesn’t like men… ok he’s home… and a Feist, who’s name is Milo… at which point he became known totally as Milo-the-three-legged-feist. So he was chained to a tree… and his mama left him to go to her brother’s… and some “kind” soul released Milo-the-three-legged-feist and he ran away again… but this time he bit someone- hard. I think it was his mama’s brother. So Mama’s crying every few hours about her baby Milo(-the-three-legged-feist) and we’re all thinking that Milo-the-three-legged-feist was a bit of a danger to the community. So we try to convince Mama that Milo-the-three-legged-feist, should go to animal control, who is housing animals for tornado victims (I had thought about putting him with other fosterers, but with the biting problem decided AC was the only option)… but Mama won’t have anything to do with it- but does finally admit that Milo-the-three-legged-feist doesn’t have a collar and when he was tied to the tree it was with a slip knot (at which point I wanted to put a slip knot around HER neck and tie HER to a tree). So today Milo-the-three-legged-feist got a kennel, a dog house, food & water bowls and dog food. And hopefully he’ll be ok, and I won’t get any more weird phone calls.

BUT… in the process of delivering all this stuff, I turned into the wrong driveway and when I went to turn around I got stuck. Now, I’m pulling a stock trailer with about 2000 pounds worth of pet foods and paraphenalia in it- and I drive a 4wd Landcruiser, and have NEVER gotten stuck (and that thing goes in some weird places). But I miscalculated the amount of rain we’d had today and last night, and WORSE, what kind of mud it was… it was the kind that got into my tires and turned them completely smooth. I had absolutely nothing to grip with- that mud just filled in all the grooves and valleys in the tire tread.

After cussing a bit, a nice guy with a tractor pulled me out. I felt really sheepish as I NEVER do stupid things like get stuck in the mud. DOH!

From Milo-the-three-legged-feist we went to White Bluff, where a family was staying. This family, it turns out, was one of the first to get hit- and it was super serious. The great-grandmother, the grandmother (my age), the daughter and the grand-daughter (who’s 13) were all hiding in their home when the tornado struck and collapsed their home on top of them. One of their dogs, a 2 yr old Rottie, jumped on top of the 13 yr old, and that selfless act saved her life. Even with that act, she had a punctured lung, broken ribs and other injuries and has only now just gotten out of the hospital. The dog lived, altho was knocked out by debris and had to be dug out from under the debris, but if he hadn’t jumped on the top of that girl- she’d be dead. Their 13 yr old yellow lab also lived. The family is now living with a relative and they couldn’t bring the dogs there unless they had a kennel to keep them in (as the relative has dogs and didn’t want a fight). So, I delivered a Large kennel, 2 dog houses, 4 bowls, senior dog food, maintenance, and kat food – They had NO idea… and burst into tears. Gawd it was great to give a family that had been through so much and who’s dogs obviously LOVE them.

Mere & I came home, unhitched the horse trailer (only to find I have 2 flat- nay slashed- tires on my right side of the trailer- I must have done something when we got stuck in the mud…)- then I hitched up the flat bed, took Mere to the house where David & Towns were, and I went to my friend Mary Ann’s place. Mary Ann had arranged for a partial load of Bermuda to be delivered and I was buying some of that hay. It’s beautiful, altho my horses don’t seem to like bermuda ~especially after Llisa’s yummy orchard grass/timothy/clover/etc mix. But this bermuda was a great price (for right now) and the bales are 100# bales, so I feel I’m getting my money’s worth. I purchased 87 bales and they were stacked on my flatbed- but I don’t think I’m going anywhere with that hay… it’s over my pulling limit, so I think I’m going to have to get either another trailer or leave some hay and come back for it… I need to get about 20 bales off there or I risk hurting my engine…

I am hoping to give a bit of this stuff away. At least take a bite out of someone’s hay issues… the rest I’ll store and either use myself if I get low or will let friends buy off me for cost (plus a tank of gas or a bottle of french champagne- they cost the same, LOL).

So now it’s off to bed- the only other thing to report is taht I was denied by FEMA, but I expected that… they don’t pay for tree damage. I’m hoping a logger is coming out here next week and I can have the trees I lost logged…

Nite nite-


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