Update on Tornado relief

It’s late & I’m tired, but I wanted you all to know that Williamson
county & 7 other counties have just been declared federal disaster
areas! Woo Hooo- Now my friends & neighbors can get FEMA trailers ๐Ÿ™‚
(I’m being serious- they can now get places to stay in while their
homes are repaired & replaced!). I am now spearheading the
farm/livestock/animal relief… the Red Cross has been giving out my
cell phone number to everyone in creation! Verizon has kindly donated
about a thousand minutes to the cause.
We are trying to get a volunteer fencing effort up this weekend.
Anyone want to come help, please feel free ๐Ÿ™‚
My wards are ok- the fields are a mess (too many horses, lots of rain)
but since we’re currently getting snow (thanks a heap Mary! LOL)…
Scottie has moved to Peppy’s- I’ll bring her mares over next week.
WE’ve had lots of people offer pasture for horses, but most everyone’s
taken care of. The other immediate needs are 1)fencing supplies;
2)building supplies; 3)hay (see below).
I’ll let you know if we need anything else- and please, if you know of
anyone with hay that can be shipped in, please let me know- or have
them contact me directly- tn2nadoes@yahoo.com

Went to an organizational meeting last night- I’m going to try and become a VOAD member (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster); and after this is all said and done, I’m going to apply for (and study for) DART certification (Disaster Animal Response Team).

For anyone who wants to donate money, you can send donations (tax deductible) to: Fairview Tornado & Storm Relief/Animal Needs, United Way, 209 Gothic Court, Franklin, TN 37067. Please make sure the check is designated for Fairview Tornado & Storm Relief/Animal Needs. Otherwise it goes into the general pool and we’re the low man on the totem pole…

Or direct donations can be made to:

Williamson County Farmer’s Coop, Fairview Branch, 1702 Fairview Blvd.
Fairview, TN 37062-9101, Craig Byrd, manager
Phone: (615) 799-4100
Fax: (615) 799-4115

Farm Depot, Gary Bonn, 1880 Fairview Blvd
Fairview, TN 37062
(615) 799-0676

TSC, Fairview Store, 2320 Fairview Blvd
Fairview, TN 37062
(615) 799-1935

PLEASE make sure any checks are designated for Tornado Relief/Animal & Farm supplies. I am supplying lists of those in need to these stores so the donations can go to those in need.

Hay … we need hay… and a place to put it…

Thanks- Vivi


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