Aftermath, Day 5

Today, I saw firsthand how incredible are the disaster relief teams of the Church of Christ and the Baptist Ministries. These teams came into the area, sent out advanced people to identify needs, and then showed up to deal with situations. Most of the relief was in the form of cutting down trees, removing debris, bulldozing, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of the insurance adjusters haven’t finished their work, so many people had to turn away this incredible offer of assistance.

Here’s a figure… My twins’ class is 23 kids. Of that, at least 7 have had life altering experiences with this tornado. Of those 7, many have no houses. The rest of the kids in the class have been effected by their friends, neighbors, family who’ve become victims.

Scottie has a place to live. There are some wonderful people with big hearts around here- Peppy & David are two of them.

My husband, David, spent the day in Fernvale helping a friend put tarps on his roof. We’re expecting rain starting tomorrow (storms on Tuesday!), and the temps have already plummeted. David brought the dogs in- it could get down to 16 in the next few days- Considering it’s been in the 50’s & 60’s with nice nights, well, that’s a big dip. For those people living in their homes without roofs, well, this is gonna be a cold week. The wind is frightfully nippy.

I was able to make contact with the Fairview Volunteer Tornado Relief. I’ve agreed to head up the Agricultural/Farm Relief team (consists of me so far… that will change, LOL). The Baptist Church, while out identifying needs, have been asked to also identify farms with immediate and longer term needs. There is money, volunteers, equipment and supplies being donated to help put farms back together. The most immediate concern, I believe, is to make sure fences are secured so livestock is safe.

I’m bushed. And Townsend starts a new school tomorrow. It will be an early day for me!


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